-------2008 article-----

I am not his family,even not a US citizen.but since I saw this Yellowpage(When I was visiting New York in 1988)

especially in internet era,I kept searching his name.
I counldn't find even his name,and thinking he was found.

But he still not found,can't go back home.
1 year ago,Washington state police made missing persons website,and I found his name,written as "Missing".

I want someone to know his name.

Long time I hesitated because here in Japan,No media or other people can open missing persons' name till he/she will be found.

This year I joined porchlight international for missing and Unidentified

With the help of older members,there is only one his thread.And I understood we have very different mannor than in US,So I decide to make his page this day-the last hour of 2008.

One of reason I continued search was NCMEC.
Other children on same Yellowpage is still on NCMEC,but he is not.
The reason is considerble,but I avoid just a consider.But,NCMEC established in 1984,and Jack went missing 1984.
There might be children lost and not leave a name,not only Jack.

At least till 1988 (when I found Yellowpage AD in New York),
"Child find America" was dealing his case.
Went "Cold case" before Internet era? Or his family's request?
Bad luck went missing while Washington State was involved"Green River Killer" called comfusion?".
Seattle P.I has good article for problem around missing persons in Washinton State,at least in 80's-90's,
Surprising fact for me,less-crime country's person.
Is he a victim of the system??