--My Name is Jack,Roland Jack Spencer III.I am missing since I was 3 years old,1984.--

This only available picture was on Yellowpage ad,which I found it at New York,in 1988.

This page is made for a missing little boy in Washington state.USA,
Missing since 1984,when he was 3 years old.

His family didn't get any answer.(at 2014)

Update:Situation of his mother's '(Celestine Spencer,21years old) death (article from Yakima-Herald is now gone,please search archive at Yakima-Herald.Part of her information is on Jack's page in The Charley Project. )

Missing since 25.May.1984

Yellow Page Missing AD in New York in 1988

Name:Roland Jack Spencer III

Born:30.Sep.1980 (or:3.Sep.1980)*(1)

Missing:25.May.1984 (3 years and 7 months old)

Race:Native American

Sex: Male Height: 2' 5" Weight: 34

Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Classification:Stranger abduction(1988) later:Missing(Police record in 2007)

--Handicapped-Need Medication--

Without Medication for Epileptic seizures will silp into coma.

Hard of hearing.

Is retarded.

Says only DADA,MAMA,DO Answers Jack or DO-BOY

Can walk only 4 yrd before falling.

Dental X-rays Not Availiable


Footwear:Tan boots (source:NamUS)

Clothes Red T-shirt w/white stripes on long sleeves, brown cordouroy pants(source:NamUS)

Agency:Yakima tribal police department

Case Number (OCA):405273

NCMEC number 1149796(source:NamUS.He is not on NCMEC website)

Wasington state Missing Persons seattle p.i Without a trace (Inactive link)

He was living with his great aunt,in Wapato,WA.in 1984.

And If you know something about Roland Jack Spencer III,

Please contact

Yakima Tribal Police Department (509) 865-2933


BIA-Yakima triball Police Department (searching telephone number,or,might be same agency

Addition:Roland Jack Spencer III went missing from Knight lane & Campbell Road,Wapato.WA*(2)

--Roland Jack Spencer III declared legally dead on Nov.6.2000.---

(1)--His birthplace is The Dalles,OR.(And his birthday is 3.Sep.1980 according to his Death Certificate,30.Sep.1980 on police record.)--

Source:Yellow page ad(above),Washington State Police Missing Persons,Roland Jack Spencer's cousen(his resident in 1984)
(2)His(legally) Death Certificate by Washington State Department of health (Washington State is Open Record State)

*Account of his cousin in 2009,Jack's father abused Jack's mother while she was pregnant.It caused Jack's brain damage.*

And If you know something about Roland Jack Spencer III,
Please contact

Yakima Tribal Police Department 509-865-7765

(-------Link:2008-my older- article-----Not useful)


His cousin,who was also child in 1984,contacted me in this(2009) August.

--One thing is confirmed,his family don't know what happened to him the day he went missing--

And,Jack(called lil' Jack)is now declared legally dead,(to "let him rest".)

Also,his mother was died(Link is FBI website.)when Jack was 2 years old.

I want to say thank you for Jack's cousin,from deep in my heart,
share me her memory,as "Jack was happy lil kid despite his difficulty,and loved play with cars."

And I hope all Jack's family's life will be better,after these hard days.

Thank you for experienced websites who find this article,
The Doe Network(His case file number is 4064DMWA) (TOP PAGE)
The Charley Project(TOP PAGE)
Unsolved in the News(TOP PAGE)
For the Lost Part of "California Kids Campaign":(TOP PAGE)
North American Missing Persons Network:TOP PAGE

NAMUS(includes informations I couldn't know)
find-a-grave memorial(I(a.k.a angelorphan)have responsibility for making this memorial)

I'm on the way fixing some expression(and English),for objectivity in need,as a information source.

Related article.
NY times:13 Unsolved Deaths Feed Indian Mistrust of F.B.I.13 Unsolved Deaths Feed Indian Mistrust of F.B.I.

(This is article written in 1993,Show the problem in Reservation area.later,FBI investigate their case again.)

Yakima Nation

I've learned Native American People's hard life while I had been searching Jack's information.Hoping the best for all people who have to live hard life.

I dedicate this page for missing people all over the world.
These informations (very few)are I gathered 1988-2009,
I continued search just because I wanted to know about a child who didn't leave his name while other missing children is in database.
So,If you don't use these information in no-good way,please use this page.I only need respect for Roland Jack Spencer III and his family.
---This page is made by amature and non-U.S.individual,
also,I cannot contact any law-enforcement in U.S.

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2010/8/30 Linked to a webpage describes His mother's (Only 21 years young at death)situation of unsolved death.

2010/10/20 The day he legally dead is added.

2010/11/06 Place of missing(legally)is added.

2012/3/5 Inactive link is removed and linked to other information source(Celestine Spencer's case)Also,(sadly)seattle p.i's article "Without a trace"is now gone.

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