Personal-Why Japanese is searching his information

You may wonder why non-us citizen is searching information about this child

in Washington state (I have never been there)for 20 years.

This is personal story which I don't write front page.

In 1988 feb-march,I was traveling across America by myself shortly

before I graduate my University.(spring vacation,our new school year

begins in April.)

I was alone in student-budget hotel in New York one night,(I always

back to hotel until 20:00,for safety(it was 1988,again)

Nothing to read,so I was watching Yellow Page,and found missing

children's advertising.

Cary Sayegh,(Born in 11-12-71 Missing 10-25-78

David Reed,(Born in 1-17-72,Missing 8-21-85------(Found dead Dec.85)).

Jennfer Sophia Marteliz,(Born in 6-8-75 Missing 11-15-82

Rima Danette Traxler,(Born in 11-9-76 Missing 5-15-85)

Taj Narbonne,(Born in 6-18-71 Missing 3-31-81)

and,Roland Jack Spencer III.(Born in 3(or 30)-9-80,Missing 25-5-84)

(I will add other children's advertising,recently banished from Major website once I could found them(other than Roland Jack and David)

(added25.Jan.2011-All of Missing children-I mean,David is not-are now on NamUS database.)

I am living in Japan,

It means,fortunately,we don't have so many missing,many child's faces sting my heart.

I went telephone company and asked to sell me one copy of Yellow page,

but they said it's only home delivary,so....I stole Yellow Page

from Hotel room(later,I heard they keeps refill one.)

And went next distination.

Washington D.C,Boston,Miami,San fransisco,Los angels,..I got

"heavy"tag on my baggage,I felt like it was children's weight,

And I came back to Japan and get a Job.but still searching..

especially with begining of internet era.I thought NCMEC website was already

there,monocrome and very diffrent from now


And,I could not find one child's name..who I had concern because of

his health and age.

Roland Jack Spencer III,3years old.

I hoped he was somehow found.

But I could not find his name as found,or other.

When I wrote about him on web,It was only one I can find when I used

search engine.

I didn't understand why this little child is not searched by someone

who love him.

(I knew it was wrong when I got a mail from his

cousin.Cousins are also children then,and his gurdians are older

because his mother had already passed.)


and I continued search,even as you see,I could knew very little things.

in 2007,I found the fact"he is not found".

at Washigton state police website.

(and none of other kids on yellowpage returned safe yet.only David Reed is "found" ..and recently his

killer is arrested)

Still I didn't know why he is not searched,I tried to leave his name

somewhere in this world-for me,overseas person,it was internet.

And some people find it,include his cousin,

and I understand he was loved.It was what I wanted to know,even not an answer he deserved.

One of proof of his existence became(I feel it is very cynic and sad),One yellow Page I stole (no other way..) from Edison Hotel in NY,

and traveled across United states with me,now in Tokyo with me.

No,me too,I don't know why I did such a thing.

But I didn't wanted to leave them inside old dark closet far from their home,

And,if I can say (cruel fact) in very sentimental way,it was how our travel began.